International Programs

AMIPP offers universities the possibility of offering high-quality professional training opportunities in Mexico for their students. All placements are career-focused and participants participants will have the chance no only to apply and transfer knowledge, but also to gain important skills that will help them adapt and understand a different culture and work environment.

AMIPP provides paid internship placements for foreign students within Mexico’s strongest industries, including but not limited to:

  • Tourism / Hospitality
  • Oil
  • Mining
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Metalworks
  • Chemical
  • Telecommunications
Placements in Mexico

Paid internships in Mexico for graduate and undergraduate students within a broad scope of industries and fields.

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Mobility Support

AMIPP provides organized mobility services to make the each internship a 100% hassle-free, legal and transparent experience for all parties. 

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Temporary Transfers for Professionals

Efficient services for transferring personnel between companies in Mexico and selected countries to carry out professional training programs.

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Placement Search

Don’t know where to look? AMIPP can search for placements according to specific student profiles, areas of study and interests.

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Programas de Intercambio 2019

La Convocatoria para Programas de Intercambio 2018-2019 ya está abierta.

Estamos recibiendo solicitudes.

entra a estudiantes/descargar documentos y descarga la Información de Programas AMIPP 2018-2019 y la Solicitud STMX 2018-2019


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